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        1. reaching autopoiesis (Final Notes)

          In May 2014 Needlefeed & Company officially closed. After many years of quiet hibernation and stillness the site had to be reconsidered. As of now it acts as an archive of production and process – both of which were lead by the Brother DB2-B791-015. The site will remain here as long as possible, but is now an index, an archive, and officially a project.

          What started as a complete investigation into industrial sewing and it’s various machinery became a quest of sorts pulling materials and ideas together to think about the way things are made and why. Not for sake of commerce or not. But rather for sake of formal considerations, the literal point where shape-values were constructed from physical materials. As the site progressed the articles became more and more invested in projects, sewn products built on the bed of the Brother DB2-B791-015. And as those products materialized, the time for notation became less and less, to the point that the sewing was only followed by visual documentation. Eventually the products, the projects, the ideas, and the notions, the thoughts and the pondering all happened within the studio. Of course this studio wasn’t just a location housing tools, it was a hive mind of machinery, contexts, experiences, conceptualizing, relating, critiquing, and disguising. In a way, NFCO had come to completion well before the projects did, even though the site insisted on little steps forward. From late summer of 2010 all the way through the winter of 2013/2014 the process continued but at such a rapid and abstract pace that the text had to be put aside. The motions jumped from one side to another, and the projects and process became more and more conceptual. The potential for creation had reached the point in which it truly had sorted itself out. NFCO had undergone autopoiesis and found it no longer needed to format itself in this site.

          Perhaps over time some of these moments, some of these ghost moments, the lost parts, the lost articles, the lost thoughts will come back together. Perhaps when they do, they will form into a map of everything that NFCO had become, and now can be. A diagram – a place to push our fingers about and feel the texture of material become.

          Thank you, tony