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          This represents the foremost movement of what will become two different jackets: the Zjacket and the Tjacket. The specifics of both are quite immense and call for a lot of notes and interjections. These jackets will run circles around each other.

          The Zjacket will be something very simple and unique. It will be made from raw canvas, twice washed and twice dried. Some of the qualities which it must maintain are unfinished edges along the front opening and over the shoulders behind the neck, across the bottom hem, and around the wrist area of each sleeve (no official cuffs). It should be made from only five panels (two for each arm, two for the front, and one back panel [i.e. no shoulder yoke]). There may be a single button placed at each cuff, but there should not be any lapped collar, or closure on the front. The Zjacket makes an ideal foundation for the Tjacket. While the Zjacket will be extraordinarily simple, the Tjacket will be made for a harsher environment, thus it will call for closure in the front and additional pockets, patches for reenforcement and further tailoring.

          Both jackets address a new learning curve for NFCO production. Thus far the most challenging aspect in building these jackets is fitting the shoulder into the body. This junctionis referred to as the armscye, and it appears that a lot of time will be spent sorting this connection out.