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        1. Jam

          The Brother received a rather jarring and disruptive blow this weekend. Perhaps this was a glaring moment of communication on the part of the Brother. With the last few projects being alterations, this abrupt ending could have been a call to begin again from scratch. A moment of due force and deliberate gesture composing all of the Brothers being into a powerful expressive code. Corralling and instigating all the most macro waves of the machine into a severe display of energy. This instance cajoled by a determined mind of heavy thread and a heavy needle weaving their way through an area of well mannered but unpredictable denim. Thus resulting in a massive jam between the feed-dog and throat-plate. It was quite obvious at first that the needle was well situated between something, or had somehow pierced the material layers, broken and then pulled back up like a grappling hook into the most peculiar of nooks – as the needle pulled free of the needle-bar marking the anchor between the two, submissive by pressure. It was surely a high sign of ultimate and searing tension between componentries when even the mightiest combination of hand and pliers could not move the needle away and free of the denim folds. With the presser foot detached for ease of repair, the only resort was to cut the needle out. A quick diagonal shearing of the top side of the needle was made and the denim carried away to expose a huge amount of potential radiating from an amalgamation of throat-plate, needle, and feed-dog. Upon this generous action, this clash, this cramming of abject courses, which brought the Brother to such a catastrophic halt, the needle had swayed wayside, avoiding the central positioning and in one giant punch managed to wedge itself with the utmost strength between the two single mechanisms. After excising the throat-plate and freeing the bit of remaining needle the flexibility of the materials at hand became immediately apparent. For it was luck that only the throat-plate made the move to allow the needle to settle in such a violent way, maybe the feed-dog was the most stubborn after all. What had once seemed like an unrelenting structure – now permitted itself to show lenient character – tolerable of its environment in full. Only a small amount of interaction was needed to situate the throat-plates tracking elements back to approximate their original position, questioning the spring like quality of what was perceived to be a perfect harmony of rigid tooling for fluctuating machinery.