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        1. Oil Draining

          Although not much has been mentioned about the move from the home – to the studio/shop – of the Brother DB2-B791-015, it has taken place. Part of that process was draining the oil from the pan on the table, underneath the machine head. A very simple procedure, simply unscrew the drain plug (in this case a regular flat-head screwdriver does the trick), and let it go. It is almost exactly like draining the oil from your car, but there is less mess because the drain plug unscrews from above, so you do not have to be laying under it wondering when and where the oil is going to go once it’s loose enough. As always dispose of oil in an appropriate and environmentally safe way – usually that means taking it to a local recycling collector. These images show just a little bit of the process, luckily, the process is very simple.

          While we are mentioning the new sewing shop: everything has been moved into the new space, and the machine fits well with the custom tables, both of which are clad with cutting mats. So far there is ample space for cutting, trimming, measuring, marking, etc. Below the tables is storage area for parts, materials, and other miscellaneous hardware, which keeps everything together and tidy. We’ll post images soon enough of the space to display how it is organized and how things mesh together on a daily basis. Cheers.